Estates & Inheritance


Estate Planning

After an interview, we can provide guidance and counsel on what legal preventions you can take to make sure that your family’s needs and your wishes are carried out after your passing. Proper Estate Planning is key to prevent disagreements on how to divide your lifelong savings, as well as saving on unforeseen legal proceedings. We focus on a properly drafted, all-encompassing testament that reflects your needs, and those of your loved ones. From funeral arrangements, to provisional care and custody of your minor children, precise wording is the central hub of an excellent testament. In addition, knowing how to arrange your finances, and keeping track of your assests and liabilities during most productive years will prove invaluable at your passing.

Last Will and Testaments

A testament is a notarized and registered document that provides instructions on how to divide an estate in Puerto Rico. This is the central hub around which an estate division revolves. We can collect your final wishes into a carefully crafted document and ensure that your final instructions are followed. A testament is the best way to protect everyone.

Estate Investigation
Often, Puerto Rico is the last resting place of many of our loved ones. We can investigate if a family member has passed away, and obtain his or her death certificate. If a testament has been notarized in Puerto Rico, we can obtain a copy of it, and determine its validity and its effect on properties, assets and liabilities left behind. By notifying financial institutions, we can gather information on bank accounts, and brokerage firms. Also, we can investigate if there are property taxes owed on the estate, and determine if the heirs are personally liable for these, all while protecting the right to refuse an estate whenever the liabilities surpass the assets left behind.

Negotiation and Representation during an Out of Court (Extra-judicial) Estate Division

Occasionally, communications between heirs break down, or cease altogether. We can represent your interests and attempt to reach an agreement that is favorable for everyone involved by reestablishing communications, or by voicing your concerns and intentions to other heirs. Sometimes, all that is needed to prevent extensive litigation is a an amicable dialogue.

Estate Litigation

It is always advisable to plan ahead, but sometimes a Court Ordered Estate Division is absolutely necessary.

We can provide legal counsel on Estate Division Lawsuits when:

  • All the heirs cannot cannot reach an agreement on how to divide the estate.
  • Some heirs are missing, or have ceased to communicate with each other.
  • Some of the heirs are minors or disabled, and a court appointed guardian must be chosen.
  • Contesting a will for lack of mental capacity of the testator, or compliance with legal requirements.
  • Defending a will or its validity.
  • When the executor refuses to carry out the estate division.

Estate matters require a delicate combination of providing caring service and stern negotiations. Let our experience and knowledge aid you in carrying out your loved one’s last wishes.

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