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Estate Divison and Litigation

Estate matters in Puerto Rico can be a complicated and overwhelming task. We know this firsthand, so we offer support and guidance throughout the complete process, and offer legal services that range from simple investigations to complex estate division litigation, while taking into account the economic feasibility of dividing the estate. Heirs living outside of Puerto Rico have very limited access to the resources and information necessary to aid in the decision-making approach that determines if they accept or decline an estate. Accepting an estate blindly can lead to irreversible consequences. This is why our main area of concern is gathering the right amount of information in the quickest time possible.

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Christian M. Frank Fas Law Offices provides quick responses to your legal inquiries. Estate and Inheritance matters are time sensitive, so they require fast and reliable answers. Answers you can trust. This is why we strive to reduce our response time to our client’s questions, so we can help them make quick and educated decisions. Our attorneys are trained extensively in telephone, internet and communication skills, and we rely on the latest technology. We have melded legal counsel with technology in an age where information must be available instantly. Our clients are able to reach our attorneys, even off-hours and weekends. That’s how we believe knowledge and information should be: always on.

Law 75 – Exclusive Distribution Rights for Products in Puerto Rico

Law 75, better known as Law Number 75 of June, 24, 1964, establishes the rights and responsibilities of exclusive distribution of products and services in Puerto Rico. In essence, it is a state-sanctioned monopoly on all products imported into Puerto Rico, and rewards the efforts of the person or entity that introduces, markets, and distributes products in Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, oftentimes foreign, international or stateside companies do not understand the implications of establishing their products into the Puerto Rican marketplace, and their actions require special assistance to prevent breaching their contractual obligations, or acting illegally in light of this law.

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Custody and Child Support

We believe that divorces are possibly the most complex of all legal matters. They are often fueled by emotions, and have lifelong repercussions for all those involved. Personalized counsel and support are essential to bring closure to this transitory period in a person’s life. The purpose of a divorce is to get back on track. That is why we accompany our clients every step of the way back, and protect their income, property and relationships. Our attention to detail and personal treatment empowers our clients with the tools they need to tackle their divorces in a confident and diligent manner.

Child Support is the undeniable right that every child has to request support from a parent. The state is very strict in its application of these guidelines, and the main purpose is to provide a venue for requesting sustenance from the applicant. While the right to an adequate defense is paramount under our legal standards, it yields to the requests of the child. Non-custodial parents have a right to be present during this process, but those living outside of Puerto Rico often cannot be present during hearings, and lack the ability to defend themselves in a proper manner. This is where we come in.

At Christian M. Frank Fas Law Offices, we limit our Child Support practice to defense counsel. We connect the non-custodial parent and the Child Support agency through the use of the latest telecommunications technology, and assure that all the interests are attended, both the minor’s and the non-custodial parent’s. The end result is a fair process, which takes an all-encompassing approach. Given the longevity of the Child Support obligation in Puerto Rico, which can extend into the minor’s adulthood, proper planning is paramount. We will interview you and gather your income information, establish your economic situation and provide the state agencies involved with a detailed picture of your economic capacity to provide child support, which in turn will protect your right to sustain a reasonable lifestyle, while still caring for your children.

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